Wednesday, April 26, 2006

In calgary

I am having an amazing time in Calgary. These kids know how to fuck it up. Tonight is the first of two launches. Will I see you there?

Calgary launches! tonight is the first one.
International Spoken Word Festival
April 26 @ 7:30pm
Beat Niq Jazz & Social Club (811 1st St. SW)
with Jason Christie and a. rawlings

NoD and dANDelion launch
April 27 @ 7:30pm
Carpenter's Union Hall (301 Tenth St. NW)
with derek beaulieu, Jason Christie, a. rawlings

In other news, my book of poetry is the Menthos Fresh Idea of the Week in DOSE Magazine. That's very strange and hilarious. The kids now call me "THE FRESHMAKER."


Anonymous said...

jon can you send me the complete dose review? email is fine

darth notho

Jonathan Ball said...

sorry to miss you in calgary, i am out of town or i would have made it to your launch. i bought the book anyway and just read it today. i think your style is really growing, you feel much more in command in this book.

i liked seeing the "after Grandaddy" in the 240-VNC poem. one thing i think few people have commented on is how indebted you seem (to me) to be to musical influence. which is something losers like me completely understand. personally, i started writing by transcribing the lyrics to songs as a child and then changing them around.

Jonathan Ball said...

by the way, i read your book front to back while listening to morrissey.

J said...

nath. it was less of a review and more of a Fresh Idea of the Week thingy. But I will oblige.

ball. Thanks. Have you heard the new Morrissey? It's scary good.


Jonathan Ball said...

haven't heard the new morrissey, will have to pick it up. i don't listen to the radio and i don't have any tv channels, and i pay no attention to what's going on the music world anymore. i find it works quite well, because instead i just ask my friends what music i should listen to and then radiate outwards. right now i'm really enjoying the Stars and Team Sleep and Metric and the new Cat Power.

Anonymous said...

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