Thursday, April 06, 2006

Scary times

An article on me just in time for my book launch: here

I'm very scared. Why is it that every reading feels like the first reading? I am thrilled with the way TTOTLC turned out but I am so scared to launch the fucking thing. If you happen to be near the Montreal Hyatt Regency tomorrow around 6pm, drop in and I will do my best not to suck. In fact, I will try to rule. I know it's hard to rule but I will try.

love Jonny


Brenda Schmidt said...

This Canadian nature writer / bridge congester wishes you the best. :) I ordered your book last week.

rob mclennan said...

you might probably suck, but i will be there anyway. how could i not?


Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hope you kicked ass JP. I was at free wine and cheese, you know how it is. Got to wear a costume too. Couldn't resist. But, wished I had been there. Maybe sometime if you're real broke I could give you 5 bucks to read me a poem from it. Wait, what am I saying. I'm part of the loser class. I don't really care.