Thursday, April 13, 2006

That's better

Last night's Coach House launch was amazing. I only flubbed one line and didn't screw up for the most part! (but I did have a panic attack in the post-launch shmooze fest). Sina Queyras was astonishing -- she delivered her prose poetry with an unmistakable authority; a. rawlings performed a wonderful 3 minute rendition of WSFL with backup singers. Darren O' Donnell and Karen Hines were equally hilarious and charming. My homey Chris Ewart kicked ass all over the place with Miss Lamp.

Thanks to everyone who made the night special. Especially the Coach House crew.


j-love said...

Dude. I'm so sorry I missed it. Sounds like it was all grand. One flubbed line and only one panic attack - that's a good day as far as I'm concerned! (actually, that's a good hour...)
Cheers & Rock on,

Anonymous said...

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