Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I did it! I have been struggling for a while now with how to write the stories I want to write. But I had a breakthrough tonight and I finally finished my first short story in over a year and a half. It's called IT'S EASY TO BE A MORALIST WHEN YOU'RE UGLY. It feels really good to be writing again. I am so far away from completing a new project or anything like that, but it's a relief to finish something.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Things i am excited about

Editing these books:

The Emily Valentine Poems
by Zoe Whittall (Snare)
(Pop culture savvy poems. Great stuff. Heavy on wit, No earnestness!)

The Coward Files by Ryan Arnold (conundrum)
(Great collection of stories by sex symbol Ryan Arnold. Stories about failure and baseball.)

Designing this book:

ropewalk by Angela Carr (Snare)
(An adventurous and very confident collection of feminist poetry. Influenced by Dickinson and Stein.)

Going to Russia.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tour report

# of gigs: 5 (Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Calgary, Winnipeg)
# of one night stands: 0
# of kilometres travelled: 8564
# of drunken nights: 14
# of people read to: around 500 (including that huge T.O. launch)
# of books sold: 82
# of books given away: 5
# of nights a. rawlings rocked the house: 5
# of times I bombed: 1
# of times I fantasized about moving to Calgary: 6
# of times I wished I was as charming and graceful as Sina Queyras: 23
# of inappropriate gifts purchased: 2
# of inappropriate gifts received: 1
# of new nicknames: 1 (Freshmaker)