Thursday, July 28, 2005


I'm very proud of this. I have been working on the proofs of Post-Prairie -- an anthology of new poetry edited by Robert Kroetsch and l'il ole' me. I love the work in this anthology. Here's some copy from the Talonbooks catalogue:

"Prairie poetry," as it came to be known in the 20th century, has found no more eloquent and accomplished a practitioner than Robert Kroetsch. Yet the North American prairie his work has made so recognizably visible in all of its characteristic particularities is changing profoundly in the 21st century. This change is marked by the transition of a cultural identity primarily rooted in place, to one that is rooted in a rapidly fragmenting, urbanizing, technology-based globalization. In an opening dialogue between the archetypal practitioner of this poetics of place, Robert Kroetsch, and a new practitioner, Jon Paul Fiorentino, the reader bears witness to a rare literary event-a master passing on his legacy to the students who have become his peers.

Post-Prairie will be out in Fall 2005 and includes new work from

derek beaulieu
Rob Budde
Louis Cabri
Jason Christie
Rosanna Deerchild
Adam Dickinson
Jon Paul Fiorentino
ryan fitzpatrick
Marvin Francis
Jill Hartman
Clive Holden
Catherine Hunter
Larissa Lai
Sylvia Legris
Nicole Markotic
Chandra Mayor
Suzette Mayr
Mariianne Mays
Duncan Mercredi
John K. Samson
Ian Samuels
Natalie Simpson
Karen Solie
Andy Weaver
Darren Wershler-Henry

Post-Prairie is dedicated to Marvin Francis -- a wonderful Winnipeg poet and Post-Prairie contributor who passed away last year.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

School of quietude north?

Is there a School of Quietude North? (The School of Quietude is Ron Silliman's tag for lyric, conservative, traditionalist poetry.) Is Canada currently suffering from a dominance of SoQ style poetics? Which Canadian poets fit this mold?

Friday, July 15, 2005

I'm up now, mark

I got my special edition of the Asthma book. I am thrilled.

I have to write a book review of a very controversial new book for the Gazette. The deadline is looming. And I don't know how to write this thing. Situational writer's block.

This is from my grade two report card: "Jonny likes to tell jokes and stories. He takes pride in spelling words correctly. His printing could be more legible."

Saturday, July 02, 2005

New cover

If you wanna see the new Asthmatica cover, click here.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Awesome things make me feel awesome

Some recent good news:

The special edition of Asthmatica will be out July 11th.

My poetry is featured in the new issue of New American Writing. The Canadian Poetry supplement was edited by Todd Swift. It includes new work by Jason Camlot, David McGimpsey, Christian Bok, Nathalie Stephens, Lisa Robertson, Darren Wershler-Henry/Bill Kennedy and so many more!!! I'm honoured to share space with such amazing poets.

This fall, I will have new poetry in Shift & Switch: New Canadian Poetry, an anthology edited by derek beaulieu, a. rawlings, and Jason Christie. These three are among the best of Canada's young poets and being a part of this project is a huge thrill.

There is an essay by Deborah Wills in the new ARC that discusses my book Hello Serotonin. It's called "The Flesh Continuing": Pain, Poetry and the Therapeutic Landscape. In it, Wills writes of the body and the failure of the body. Her close readings of poems from HS are shrewd and imaginative. And I am grateful.

On the home front, Lilly says "Dada," "Kitty," "Mama" and "Pataphysics." I'm very proud.