Wednesday, September 26, 2012


If you bandy about protocols for the dance card; it is ok and it’s ok to speak in clear sentences even though there isn't a dance (there never will be) 

You may propose and propose. Let us be clear and let’s be precise. Your purpose of things is borne out of exalted forecasts, broadcasts 

The broadcasts diminish in real time as we diminish slightly faster. It is ok to speak in clear sentences and it’s ok to say a thing before the broadcast’s end 

It is sooner than you applied for. The quickened wretched hubris calmed you as an HDMI swaddling. The thing is, it is ok. It’s ok to speak in a clear sentence or to even 

Risk more than one. It’s ok to not let the terrible, accurate tunage squelch; it is ok and it’s ok to feel alone and dopplered. That is what it does and that’s what. 

Totally ok to have lost it in the process of nothing other than losing. Totally and it is ok. I promise. Although these things called promises are often stupid. Promise

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