Sunday, January 04, 2009

My Winter Schedule & Update

On Tuesday, I teach one of my favourite courses at Concordia -- The Creative Process. I introduce students to the work of many amazing contemporary and canonical writers and encourage them to discover their own process and poetics.

This Thursday, I head to Toronto to film The Way of the Smock: The Making of Stripmalling, with Evan Munday, Michael Holmes, and others. It should be a sufficiently embarrassing mockumentary.

Next week we begin to put together the next issue of Matrix -- The Anxiety Issue, edited by Mikhail Iossel and John Goldbach. If you haven't heard of John, you will. I just finished edits on his first book, Selected Blackouts, and it's very good. It will be out with Insomniac on the Serotonin/Wayside imprint in a few months.

Stripmalling is in the can, with final dust jacket and pages. I will be a bundle of nerves until it is safely in my hands. You can check out a chapter from Stripmalling on in the next day or two. Also take a look at my website which has the cover of the book and the blurbs. (Guy Maddin, Emily Schultz, and Joe Meno!)

On March 1st, I go to Hamilton to launch Stripmalling. And on March 2nd, I am doing This Is Not A Reading Series for the Toronto Stripmalling launch.

There are other things I am not allowed to talk about yet, but they should be fun!

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