Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Getting my teach on

I'm teaching English Composition and The Creative Process this term at Concordia. Tonight I read "Stubborn Furniture" by Stuart Ross to my class. I decided I was going to start reading poems I am fond of to both classes as often as I want just because. I like my new policy. All poetry all the time.

A week from now the two Snare books will arrive in the Snare Books office. Then I take off for Word on the Street, Toronto, The Ottawa Writers Festival, The St. Mark's Poetry Project, and Poets House in New York, then back to Montreal for the Snare/Coach House launch on October 22nd at the Green Room. More info on all of this soon. What an exciting time of year!


Razovsky said...

Yay! Thanks, man. Also, can I come to St. Marks with you?

Also, can I come visit your writing class?

Also, I just picked up your new Coach House book. Hoping to dig in shortly.


J said...

it's my pleasure, Stuart. They also get a taste of "Some Kind of Slowdown.." later in the semester.


Jonathan Ball said...

but when are you coming back to Calgary?

J said...
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J said...

as soon as i can