Saturday, November 05, 2005

Coach house took montreal; camlot took quebec; billy took me

Sunday was fun. The Coach House authors were very entertaining and so were the students. The very clever Brian Joseph Davis made us do his reading for him. The creepy results can be heard here.

Jason Camlot's Attention All Typewriters launch on Thursday (with Marcie Frank launching How to Be an Intellectual in the Age of Television or HTBAIITAOTV for short) was one of the most successful and fun events I have ever been to.

Montreal's literary scene is flourishing!

In other news, Billy Mavreas has a blog!


hardyf said...

so is the hockey scene, yo. write an apple abt the canadiens, while trying to avoid a hip-check. graceful, go to a game. hockey takes poetry in stride. like george and baseball. figure it out. let poetry not fall to the inactive souls.


J said...

go habs go

Brenda Schmidt said...
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Anonymous said...

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