Friday, July 01, 2005

Awesome things make me feel awesome

Some recent good news:

The special edition of Asthmatica will be out July 11th.

My poetry is featured in the new issue of New American Writing. The Canadian Poetry supplement was edited by Todd Swift. It includes new work by Jason Camlot, David McGimpsey, Christian Bok, Nathalie Stephens, Lisa Robertson, Darren Wershler-Henry/Bill Kennedy and so many more!!! I'm honoured to share space with such amazing poets.

This fall, I will have new poetry in Shift & Switch: New Canadian Poetry, an anthology edited by derek beaulieu, a. rawlings, and Jason Christie. These three are among the best of Canada's young poets and being a part of this project is a huge thrill.

There is an essay by Deborah Wills in the new ARC that discusses my book Hello Serotonin. It's called "The Flesh Continuing": Pain, Poetry and the Therapeutic Landscape. In it, Wills writes of the body and the failure of the body. Her close readings of poems from HS are shrewd and imaginative. And I am grateful.

On the home front, Lilly says "Dada," "Kitty," "Mama" and "Pataphysics." I'm very proud.