Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Never mind the pollocks

I've been spending a lot of time at home with my daughter Lilly this spring. I've haven't been writing too much, just the occasional poem, or comedy bit. Lilly is supercool. She can stand on her own; she says "Dada"; and she has very little interest in Canadian poetry. The perfect kid.

I did have the pleasure of reading and hanging out with Sean Carswell, Mickey Hess and Joe Meno. These indie American fiction writers recently came through Montreal and although the crowd was small, the readings were fantastic. Great writers, great drinkers. You just gotta check them out.

My Winnipeg launch was a blast! Lots of friends and family came out and I got to read with David McGimpsey, Alissa York and Chandra Mayor. What could be better than that?

And finally, Asthmatica is sold out. No more first editions in the world. (Well, almost.) So it is being reprinted in a special second edition, with a sexy black, blue and silver cover, and now with 50% less typos! More on this, including a sneak peak at the new cover on my website soon!


John MacDonald said...

Nice to hear about the second edition of Asthmatica. Keep up the good work. Thanks for the Matrix mag the other night in Ottawa. I read it with fond amusement of the years I was a cub scout. Funny, they don't hand out badges anymore when you enter the working world. Unless pink slips count.


J said...

Hey John,

Thanks for your support! It was cool to chat with you in Ottawa.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon, when is the next matrix deadline_ i canät wait to read more matrix>! glad that lilly is so linguistic, iäm sure she has great role models.


J said...

The new Matrix will be out in late July. It's a really cool comics issue.