Monday, March 19, 2007


Matrix, Delirium Press and the Quebec Writers’ Federation proudly present…


Zac Schnier
Sophie Caird
Greg Seib
Dimitri Nasrallah
Stephanie Bolster
Roy Miki

Hosted by
Jani Krulc
Gillian Savigny

March 25, 2007 @ 8:30 pm
Blizzarts 3956-A St-Laurent Blvd


Mademoiselle Marianne said...

i think i may have given off the wrong impression, which i didn't intend to do, however i was quite drunk on free champagne, so if you'll just allow me to explain...
i really was seeking words from the wise, and do not wish to be clumped in the same category as the chronically acerbic, and i didn't mean that i think all poetry is shit but my own (because usually i think mine must be shit too) and i don't only have reverence for myself (because, frankly, i don't have much of that at all) and i don't know how the pilot is doing these days but what i meantersay was the last few times i went i didn't think that people were reading particularly well, which makes it difficult to pay attention to what their poems are like and it's not that i hate all poetry journals i'm just discouraged by my delightful colection of rejection slips and anyhow what is this thing - po-et-ry?

asthma_boy said...

marianne, feel free to email me at jonfiorentino [at] yahoo [dot] ca if you wish to discuss things. but it's all good. i appreciate your concern and input.

i think the pilot is a place to cut your teeth and discover your voice for many young writers and so i don't dwell on the failures or the successes too much.

all best