Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Expozine awards

Hey, here's a lovely thing:

Expozine Awards Shortlist


Something for Michael 003 (girl on girl) by Shannon Gerard
The Hero Book by Scott Waters
Asthmatica by Jon Paul Fiorentino (Insomniac)
The Official St Leonard Dictionary by John Trivisonno
Making Stuff and Doing Things by Kyle Bravo (Microcasm Publishing) ypf yearbook
Garbage Head by Christopher Willard (Vehicule)


ojingogo by Matthew Forsythe
horror perditii by Amanda Crawford
Mocking Irony by Edward Bak
Revolver by Salgood Sam
Big Questions #7
Anders Nilsen (Drawn & Quarterly)


four minutes to midnight
Leg Moustache Advisor
Tarhonya by Stephen Guy
LASH by Shawn Kuruneru
G-Eunuch Digest (The Cowboy Issue)
Lifelike by Chris Binkowski


a.rawlings said...


Amanda Earl said...

Ooo that is lovely. May the list shrink down to just you!

J said...

thanks guys! go indie book culture! wooo!

jason christie said...

Wooooooooo!!!! gratz jon!!!

Brenda Schmidt said...


This may seem a bit off topic, but how important is it for today's writer of poems to know who Joan Baez is or to have seen i.e. Midnight Cowboy or The Graduate?

J said...

i'd say fairly important if the poet wants to be culturally literate. i am familiar with all three, even though i was born in 1975...

but today's poet should probably know something about shakespeare, tennyson, pound, plath, rich...

Anonymous said...

uh, poets could probably go without knowing Plath or Rich ...


J said...


Why you say that? Why you no likey the Rich and the Plath?

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